How Do I Convert MOV to DVD for Playing on a DVD Player?

Do you have a collection of MOV files you want to watch on your DVD player? Converting MOV to a DVD that is compatible with your DVD player can be tricky, but it is not impossible. With the right tools and patience, you can easily convert all your favorite movies in MOV format to DVDs that are playable anywhere.

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to successfully convert MOV files into DVDs that will work on any standard DVD player. Follow along, and soon enough, you’ll enjoy all your favorite MOV movies in their new digital form!


What’s MOV Format?

QuickTime (.mov) is a popular video format. You may get it from digital cameras or the iTunes Store. You can not burn MOV files to DVD directly, but it won’t be compatible with your DVD player. You need to convert MOV to MPEG-2 format and burn it to DVD.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and effective way to burn MOV to DVD, you should consider using the available professional DVD creator tool. It takes just a few simple steps to create your own DVD, and no matter what video format you want to modify – whether that be WMV, MPEG, MP4, AVI, or ASF – this tool has all the functionality to make it happen.

The great thing about this powerful software is that it doesn’t sacrifice quality in exchange for convenience, meaning you get a great output every time. So if your goal is to burn MOV files to DVD with minimal effort and maximum superb results, then the professional DVD Creator Tool is worth considering.


Can I  play MOV on a DVD player?

The short answer is NO. You can’t put MOV files on a DVD. You need to convert MOV to DVD-supported video format first.  So, how do I convert MOV to DVD? Well, this guide will show you how to burn MOV files into DVD, which can be played on a DVD player.


How to convert MOV to DVD with 3 steps?

Now, download and install DVD Maker from below download button.

dvd creator



Follow below video guide to learn how to use this DVD maker:

Step 1: Add MOV video files.

Open the program like other software after installing DVD Creator on your computer. Click “+Import “in the left bar to import the MOV video files to the program. All of the loaded videos would be listed in the left bar if you imported them successfully.

Add title

Add a title to organize your videos. Each title will be an episode that can be shown on the DVD menu.

import video


Step 2: Output configuration and the DVD menu

Click “Design Menu” in the right corner and get to a “Menu” panel. Here you can choose Themes, Backgrounds, buttons, captions, and advanced settings for your DVD menu. The above all depends on your preference.

In this step, you can also edit the video by clicking the “Edit “button in the user interface. After you get to the editing panel, you can trim and crop the video to save the necessary part, have saturation to make a great display effect, adjust video brightness and contrast, and add a watermark to make the DVD special.



Preview (optional)

In the preview menu, you can preview the video files you have imported and the DVD menu you added. If everything looks fine, you may go to the final step.

preview videos


Step 3: Burn MOV to DVD

Before you burn the MOV video to DVD, you should do some burning settings. Just click the “Burn” button you will get to the burning setting panel. Select to burn MOV files to ISO File, DVD Folder DVD Disc. And it would be best if you also chose a suitable TV standard to get proper video size.

After all the above is finished, you can click the “Burn” button again to start authoring the DVD.


Free MOV to DVD Converter: How to Burn MOV to DVD Free

WinX DVD Author is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a free program to help burn your MOV videos to DVD. Not only does it support MOV, but it’s also capable of processing other popular formats such as MP4, MKV, MPEG, VOB, AVI, and more. Additionally, this useful software supports all types of discs, including DVD±R/±RW, DVD DL+R, and DVD DL±RW. You can further customize the final disc with a title menu layout and a chapter menu that you personally design using WinX DVD Author.

Furthermore, the program even lets you add background music to accentuate the overall look of the disc. Moreover, this movie-to-digital converter with no watermark also allows different aspect ratios for your convenience. It’s compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and other OS versions lower than 10, plus it features a built-in video editor with extra capabilities.


Steps to convert MOV to DVD free using WinX DVD Author:

Step 1: Download and install the free MOV to DVD converter on your PC, then select and click the “Video DVD Author” option. Once everything is ready, insert a blank disc into your computer to burn!

Step 2: To get started, hit the + button to search and import MOV videos from your PC. Further customize those videos with features like trimming, adding subtitles, and reordering them – all at once! When you’re ready for the next step, click “>>”.

Step 3: You can create a title or chapter menu with just one simple click of the “Title Menu” button. Furthermore, once you do this, you must click TT to add text to your menus.

Step 4: Pick your desired output video file folder and format. Finally, press the ‘Start’ button to convert your MOV files into a DVD disc.

How Do I Convert MOV to DVD for Playing on DVD Player?


Limitations of using DVD to MOV converter free tool:

Despite being an easy-to-use platform, it does have a few drawbacks; chapter creation is not possible, nor is burning videos to Blu-ray discs or creating ISO image files. Additionally, the number of DVD templates is limited compared to professional software, as our customization features.


How to Free Burn MOV to DVD on MacBook/iMac

Burning a MOV QuickTime video file to a DVD on a Mac is easy, thanks to IDVD. This handy classic software was developed by Apple and allowed users to quickly and safely turn their MOV QuickTime videos into DVDs with a few clicks of the mouse. Although many modern Mac computers may not support it, IDVD is still a guaranteed way to write MOV files onto discs, even if they don’t. The simplicity and reliability of iDVD have kept it around for those who need an effective video-to-DVD burning solution.

Step 1. Insert a blank DVD into your Mac’s DVD drive.

To get started, insert a blank DVD disc into your MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac Studio’s internal hard drive. Alternatively, no worries if you don’t have an inbuilt DVD drive on your machine! Simply attach it to an external one and start the process.

Step 2. Import MOV File into iDVD.

Easily import the MOV file to iDVD by selecting the “Import” option in the File menu or pressing the “Add” button. To simplify your task, you won’t need to convert MOV files into DVD MPEG-2 format since iDVD natively recognizes it as its own format.

How Do I Convert MOV to DVD for Playing on a DVD Player?

Step 3. Tap the Burn button.

To begin encoding and burning your MOV QuickTime file into a DVD disc, click the “Burn” or “Write” button. The length of this process depends on your MOV file size and how quickly your Mac laptop operates.

Step 4. Finalize the disc.

When the prompt arises, finalize your disc so it can be played on any DVD player! Finalizing a disc will ensure that you have a playable DVD.



If you’re browsing for the best MOV to VD tool, Wondershare DVD Creator is a great choice. This special software translates your MOV videos, and other formats, into professional discs that don’t require hours of agonizing work. It’s an efficient way to create DVDs without investing a ton of time in the process. Furthermore, its interface is straightforward and intuitive, perfect for all skill levels. With Wondershare DVD Creator, you’re just one click away from converting your MOV media into DVDs with amazing results.


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